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The Poke-In series low-profile SMT Wire Connector accommodates multiple design requirements with 1, 2 and 3 position connector configurations. The releasable poke-in wire connectors features an integral conductor release mechanism recessed below the top side of the connector and cannot be compromised or broken during multiple insertion and release cycles. Ideal for LED lighting applications, the surface mount releasable poke-in connectors accepts 18 to 22AWG solid and stranded conductors and is tape and reel packaged for high speed SMT processing. It benefits automated production with flat top surface for vacuum pick up and high temperature material for re-flow processing. Integral robust wire release mechanism to help prevent damage during wire assembly and rework.
  • Low-profile design and rounded corners prevent obstruction of LED lighting and minimizes shadowing
  • Requires no specialized tools for wire insertion or removal
  • Support high voltage connections with a 2-position 8mm centreline version


Illuminazione a LED