PHOENIX CONTACT  2941374  Relè a Stato Solido, 3 A, 30 VDC, Rotaia DIN, Viti

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DEK-O* Series
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The 2941374 is a power solid-state relay Terminal Block with screw connection. The interface DEK terminals offer complete interface functions in terminal block housings with a width of only 6.2mm (0.244-inch). This powerful interface do not only shares the design of the terminal block but also its highly convenient application due to the use of standard terminal accessories. The DEK family offers the suitable solution for every industrial voltage value for signal input as well as output. High switching power is a standard feature of DEKOV optocoupler terminals. Integrated LEDs clearly signal the switching state of electronic terminal block and thus create a very good overview of the coupling level and the system. It is suitable for applications with high switching frequency where electro-mechanical relays rapidly reach the end of their service life you can now apply the wear-resistant power optocoupler DEK-OV-24DC/24DC/3 terminal block.
  • EB-DIK insertion bridges
  • Actuator version
  • Labeling and mounting with user-friendly modular terminal blocks
  • Integrated output protective circuit
  • Status indicator
  • Integrated input circuit
  • Zero voltage switch at AC output
  • Protection against polarity reversal and surge protection
  • Yellow LED operating voltage display
  • 2.5kVAC at 50Hz (1 minute) Input/output test voltage
  • 7mA Typical input current
  • 40µs Typical response time
  • 200µs Typical turn-off time
  • 0.6W Power dissipation for nominal condition
  • Up to 2.5kVRMS electrical isolation between input and output

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Rotaia DIN
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DEK-O* Series
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No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)

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