MCP79410-I/ST - 

CI RTC, data ora formato (data/mese/anno hh:mm:ss), I2C, seriale, 1.8 V / 5.5 V, TSSOP-8

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I2C, Seriale
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The MCP79410-I/ST is a Real-time Clock/Calendar (RTCC) tracks time using internal counters for hours, minutes, seconds, days, months, years and day of week. Alarms can be configured on all counters up to and including months. For usage and configuration, the MCP7941X supports I²C communications up to 400kHz. The open-drain, multi-functional output can be configured to assert on an alarm match, to output a selectable frequency square wave or as a general purpose output. The MCP7941X is designed to operate using a 32.768kHz tuning fork crystal with external crystal load capacitors. On-chip digital trimming can be used to adjust for frequency variance caused by crystal tolerance and temperature. SRAM and timekeeping circuitry are powered from the backup supply when main power is lost, allowing the device to maintain accurate time and the SRAM contents. The times when the device switches over to the backup supply and when primary power returns are both logged by the power-fail time-stamp.
  • Real-time clock/calendar (RTCC)
  • On-chip digital trimming/calibration
  • Dual programmable alarms
  • Versatile output pin
  • Clock output with selectable frequency
  • Alarm output
  • General purpose output
  • Power-fail time-stamp - Time logged on switchover to and from battery mode
  • Low typical timekeeping current
  • Automatic switchover to battery backup
  • 64-byte Battery-backed SRAM
  • 1kB EEPROM memory


Automazione e Controllo di Processo, Rilevamento & Strumentazione, Elettronica di Consumo, Automotive, Industriale