MCP3901A0-I/SS - 

CI Funzione Speciale, Dispositivo Front End Anal 2 Canali, Risoluzione 24 Bit, 4.5 V/5.5 V, SSOP-20

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Front End Analogico a Doppio Canale
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The MCP3901A0-I/SS is a 2-channel Analog Front End (AFE) containing two synchronous sampling delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters (ADC), two PGAs, phase delay compensation block internal voltage reference, modulator output block and high-speed 20MHz SPI compatible serial interface. The converters contain a proprietary dithering algorithm for reduced Idle tones and improved THD. The internal register map contains 24-bit wide ADC data words, a modulator output byte, as well as six writable control registers to program gain, oversampling ratio, phase, resolution, dithering, shutdown, Reset and several communication features. The MCP3901 is capable of interfacing to a large variety of voltage and current sensors, including shunts, current transformers, Rogowski coils and Halleffect sensors.
  • 91dB SINAD, -104dBc Total harmonic distortion (THD) (up to 35th harmonic)
  • 109dB Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) for each channel
  • Programmable data rate up to 64ksps
  • Ultra low-power shutdown mode with <2µA
  • -133dB Crosstalk between the two channels
  • 12ppm/°C Low drift internal voltage reference
  • Differential voltage reference input pins
  • High gain PGA on each channel (up to 32V/V)
  • Phase delay compensation between the two channels with 1µs time resolution
  • Separate modulator outputs for each channel
  • High-speed, addressable 20MHz SPI Interface with Mode 0,0 and 1,1 compatibility


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