Scheda di valutazione, gestione alimentazione, caricabatteria, MC34674

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Evaluation Board MC34674, CD
Gestione Alimentazione - Batteria
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The KIT34674EPEVBE is an evaluation module for MC34674, a fully integrated single cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery charger optimized for travel charger applications. The few external components required include a dual Colour LED for charge status indication, a negative temperature coefficient thermistor circuit for setting the charge temperature window, and two decoupling capacitors. The MC34674 tolerates an input voltage up to 28V, which allows low cost ac/dc converters to be used for further system cost reduction. A charge cycle of the MC34674 includes trickle, constant current and constant voltage charge modes. The constant current mode current is selectable from 50mA to 1.05A, with 10% accuracy and the constant output voltage in the constant voltage mode is fixed at 4.2V. The MC34674 has many features such as trickle charging for a deeply discharged battery, an internal timer for termination to prevent charging a failed battery.
  • No external MOSFET, reverse blocking diode or current sense resistor are required
  • 28V maximum input voltage rating with 11V over voltage protection threshold
  • Factory programmable charge current
  • Trickle charge for fully discharged batteries
  • ±0.4% voltage accuracy over -20 to 70°C
  • Driving a dual colour LED and smart battery connection verification optimized for travel charger
  • Interface to NTC thermistor


Dispositivi Portatili, Gestione Alimentazione


Assembled and tested evaluation board/module in anti-static bag, CD-ROM.