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Pulitore, Amberclens FG Foam, Scopi Generali, Sgrassatore, Aerosol, 500 ml

AMBERSIL 6150009300

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The 6150009300 is a heavy duty biodegradable water-based all-purpose Foam Cleaner/Degreaser. Specially formulated, it contains a blend of synthetic and natural surface-active components, for use on food processing and packaging equipment. Suitable for use in many different types of cleaning applications in the food and drinks industry. The stable, non-dripping foam ensures longer contact time and improved performance, especially on vertical surfaces. Quickly penetrates, removes grease, oil, grime and tough stains from any washable surface. It is in the form of white propane/butane propelled liquid with neutral odour and soluble in water.
  • 1.01 Specific gravity
  • 1.01g/cm³ Relative density
  • >200°C Auto-ignition
  • -2°C Freezing point
  • 100°C Boiling temperature
  • Free from phosphate, EDTA and nonylphenolethoxylate
  • Safe on all metals
  • No nut oils or nut oil derivatives


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