SENSONOR TECHNOLOGIES AS  83785  Kit Valutazione Per Sar10 Sensore Tasso Angolare

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83785 is a gyro sensors evaluation platform (EVP) that provides rapid measurement and evaluation access to SAR10 gyro sensors. The SAR10 consists of a ButterflyGyro MEMS die and a BiCMOS ASIC housed in a miniature SOIC plastic package. The sensitive axis is parallel to the mounting plane. The function is based on the excitation of a reference motion in the butterfly structure. An angular rotation of the device will generate Coriolis forces, whose frequency equals that of the reference motion and whose resulting vibration amplitude is a measure for the angular rotation. An SPI interface enables communication between application and SAR10. Gyro sensor data is requested from PC software and results are presented on screen. Data log to file is supported and numerous gyro sensor signals are made available on header pin rows for evaluation and monitoring purposes.
  • High reliability and robustness over long lifetime
  • Low vibration sensitivity
  • High overload and shock capability (5000g)
  • Butterfly balanced design for high mechanical common mode rejection
  • Closed loop force feedback operation with electrostatic frequency tuning
  • Ideal mono crystalline Si material
  • Wafer level sealing with controlled Q factor
  • Low power

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Tipo di Applicazione Kit:
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Giroscopi e Sensori di Pressione
Contenuto Kit:
EVP PCB with Sensor, PC Software, USB Cable, User Guide
Gamma Prodotti:
Data Presentation and Log to File Capability, Onboard µC to Sensor Interface Access
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  • Rilevamento & Strumentazione


EVP PCB with sensor, PC software, USB cable, User manual.

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