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Relè per Monitoraggio di Tensione, Serie EMD, DPDT, 5 A, Rotaia DIN, 250 VAC, Viti


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Serie EMD
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Rotaia DIN
Serie EMD
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The EMD series Electronic Monitoring Relay for voltage monitoring of direct and alternating voltages in 1-phase networks. Increasingly higher demands are being placed on safety and system availability across all sectors. Processes are becoming more and more complex, not only in mechanical engineering and the chemical industry but also in plant and automation technology. Error-free effective operation can only be achieved through continuous monitoring of important network and system parameters. Electronic monitoring relay is available for a wide range of monitoring tasks to avoid the consequences of errors or to keep it within limits. The operating states are indicated using coloured LEDs, errors that may occur can be sent to a control system via a floating contact or can shut down a part of the system. Some device versions are equipped with start-up and response delays in order to briefly tolerate measured values outside the set monitoring range.
  • Demands on power engineering are also increasing constantly
  • Surge voltage/undervoltage monitoring
  • Window function
  • Adjustable threshold values
  • Adjustable starting override
  • Adjustable response delay
  • Error memory
  • Wide-range power supply unit


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