NXP  TJA1055T/C,512  CAN Bus, Transceiver, Seriale, 1, 1, 4.75 V, 5.25 V, SOIC

NXP TJA1055T/C,512
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The TJA1055T/C,512 is a CAN Transceiver, interface between the protocol controller and the physical bus wires in a controller area network (CAN). It is primarily intended for low-speed applications up to 125kBd in passenger cars. The device provides differential receive and transmit capability but will switch to single-wire transmitter and/or receiver in error conditions. The TJA1055T/C,512 is the enhanced version of the TJA1054 and TJA1054A. TJA1055T/C,512 has the same functionality but in addition offering a number of improvements.
  • Pin-to-pin Compatible with TJA1054 and TJA1054A
  • Baud Rate up to 125kBd
  • Up to 32 Nodes can be Connected
  • Supports Unshielded Bus Wires
  • EME due to built-in slope control function and a very good matching of CANL and CANH Bus Outputs
  • Very High Electromagnetic Immunity (EMI) in Normal Operating Mode and in Low Power Modes
  • Fully Integrated Receiver Filters
  • Transmit Data (TxD) Dominant Time-out Function
  • ±8kV Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Human Body Model (HBM) for Off-board Pins
  • ±6kV Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection IEC 61000-4-2 for Off-board Pins
  • Low-voltage Microcontroller Support
  • Supports Single-wire Transmission
  • Modes with Ground Offset Voltages up to 1.5V
  • Automatic switching to Single-wire mode in event of bus failures
  • Automatic Reset to Differential Mode If Bus Failure is Removed
  • Full Wake-up Capability During Failure Modes
  • Bus Pins Short-circuit Safe to Battery and to Ground
  • Thermally Protected
  • Bus Lines Protected Against Transients in an Automotive Environment
  • An Unpowered Node Does Not Disturb Bus Lines

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MSL 3 - 168 ore
Sostanze Estremamente Preoccupanti (SVHC):
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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