IXYS-DIRECTED ENERGY  EVIX-USB  Scheda di valutazione, sorgente USB, 8 Bit, AA ricaricabili solari alcaline, convertitore DC/DC

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The EVIX-USB is a solarbit evaluation board. The evaluation board uses IXOLAR bits, rechargeable AA alkaline cells, and a DC/DC converter to generate a regulated 5V output that can operate or charge USB appliances. The XOB17-12x1 Solarbits are monocrystalline, high efficiency solar cells in a surface mount package that can be reflow soldered. They are extremely robust and can be used in harsh environments. Solarbits have a very high (17%) power conversion efficiency, which means that 17% of the light energy is converted into electrical energy. They are extremely useful in applications requiring solar power generation in a limited space. IXYS cells can be used in indoor and outdoor applications because they have a wide spectral sensitivity, 300nm to 1100nm. However, the output power of a solar cell is proportional to the incoming light energy, and irradiance is generally much higher outdoors.
  • Eight series connected Solarbits
  • Converter IC boosts the battery voltage to 5V
  • The AA cells will charge any time the solar bits are exposed to daylight
  • Push on jumper from OFF to ON to operate the converter and generate 5V

Informazioni sui prodotti

Produttore Chip:
IXYS Solar
Numero Core Chip:
Tipo di Applicazione Kit:
Generazione Alimentazione Solare
Sottotipo Applicazione:
Solar Bit
Architettura Core:
Sub-Architettura Core:
Nome Famiglia Dispositivi:
Contenuto Kit:
SolarBITs, Capacitors, Resistors, Inductor, Converter IC, Connectors, Shunt, Battery Clips, PCB
Gamma Prodotti:
IXOLAR Bits, Rechargeable AA Alkaline Cells
Sostanze Estremamente Preoccupanti (SVHC):
To Be Advised

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  • Gestione Alimentazione
  • Energia Alternativa

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United States

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