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Modulo sistema a torre, per Automotive MCU, DB9 / IDC 2X5 basetta presa, S12, USB, CAN

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Demo Board MC9S12G128, DVD with IDE Software, DB9 to IDC 2X5 Socket Header, USB Cable, Warranty Card
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The TWR-S12G128 is a tower system module for the MC9S12G128 microcontroller. The MC9S12G128 is an automotive, 16bit microcontroller focused on low cost, high performance in a low pin count device. The MC9S12G128 provides 16bit wide accesses, without wait states, for all peripherals and memories. The MCU targets automotive applications requiring CAN or LIN/J2602 communications. Examples include body controllers, occupant detection. The module is designed to interface to the tower system, a modular development platform which aids in rapid prototyping and tool reuse. An integrated open source BDM, software tools, and examples provided with the tower system module to make application development and debug quick and easy. All MCU signals are available on one or both edge connectors. The TWR-S12G128 operates as a standalone debug tool and can also be combined and used as part of the modular tower system development platform.
  • Four user push button switches
  • Four user LED indicators
  • Power input from USB BDM
  • Onboard +5V regulator
  • Integrated open source BDM (OSBDM)
  • User option jumpers to disconnect peripherals
  • RS232 serial data physical layer transceiver
  • High speed CAN physical layer transceiver
  • Enhanced LIN physical layer transceiver
  • Power input from OSBDM, tower system or input vias at E1/E2


Automotive, Illuminazione, Industriale, Comunicazioni e Reti


TWR-S12G128 board with a MC9S12G128 16bit MCU, DVD with IDE software, training materials and collateral, USB cable, DB9 to IDC 2X5 socket header, Warranty card.

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In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference, in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.


ESD sensitive device, take proper precaution while handling the device.