Kit Valutazione Per Mc33730 Alimentazione Mod. Commutaz. + Regolatori Lin. Mulpuntali

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Evaluation Board MC33730, CD33730EKEVBE
Gestione Alimentazione
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The KIT33730EKEVBE is an evaluation module for 33730, switch mode power supply with multiple linear regulators. The 33730 is a multiple output power supply integrated circuit for automotive applications. The integrated circuit incorporates a switching regulator which operates over a wide input voltage range from 4.5V to 26.5V. The step down switching regulator uses a fixed frequency PWM voltage mode control. It has a 3.5A current limit (typ) and the slew rate is adjustable via a control pin to reduce switching noise. The switching regulator has an adjustable frequency oscillator, which allows the user to optimize its operation over a wide range of input voltages and component values. The linear regulators can be configured either as two normal mode regulators (VDD3, VDDL) and one standby regulator (VKAM), or as one normal mode linear regulator (VDDL) and two standby regulators (VKAM and VDD3 Standby). Two protected outputs [VREF (1, 2)] are used to provide power to external sensors.
  • Provides all regulated voltages for 32bit and other MUC families and their logic and analog function
  • Adjustable frequency switching buck regulator with slew rate control
  • Power sequencing provided
  • Programmable voltages VDDL, VDD3 3% accuracy
  • Programmable standby regulator VKAM 15% accuracy, operating down to 4.5V at KA_VBAT pin
  • VDD3 can be programmed as an optional second standby regulator with 15% accuracy
  • Provides two 5V protected supplies for sensors
  • Provides reverse battery protection FET gate drive
  • Provides necessary MCU monitoring and fail-safe support


Automotive, Gestione Alimentazione


Assembled and tested evaluation board/module in anti-static bag, CD-ROM.