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Scheda di valutazione, interruttore luce angolo frontale, app automotive e illuminazione Industriale

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Smart Front Corner Light Switch
Gestione Alimentazione
Evaluation Board MC10XS3535, CD
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The KIT10XS3535EVBE evaluation board supports the 10XS3535, which is designed for low voltage automotive and industrial lighting applications. Its five low RDS(ON) MOSFETs (three 10mR, two 35mR) can control the high sides of five separate resistive loads (bulbs, Xenon-HID modules and LEDs). Programming, control, and diagnostics are accomplished using a 16bit SPI interface (3.3V or 5.0V). Each output has its own PWM control via the SPI. The 10XS3535 has highly sophisticated failure mode handling to provide high availability of the outputs. Its multiphase control and output edge shaping improves electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) behaviour.
  • Triple 10mR and Dual 35mR high side switches
  • Current sense output with SPI programmable multiplex switch and board temperature feedback
  • Digital diagnosis feature
  • PWM module with multiphase feature including prescaler
  • LEDs control including accurate current sensing and low duty cycle capability
  • Fully protected switches
  • Over current shutdown detection
  • Power net and reverse polarity protection
  • Fail mode functions including auto restart feature
  • External smart power switch control including current recopy


Automotive, Illuminazione


Assembled and tested evaluation board/module in anti static bag, CD-ROM.

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