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DPK-EKIT1060C is a evaluation kit with DPP-CT1060 10.2inch colour iLCD panel and universal evaluation board using FFC cable for connecting the panel to the board. The DPP-CT1060 is a colour iLCD panel with 1024 x 600 pixels. The iLCD panel with the new iLCD controller DPC3090 has 128MByte flash memory on board and offers enough space for big images. Text templates, fonts and macros can be stored in this memory as well. 8MByte RAM for multiple screen handling complete the well equipped panel. A MicroSD card holder on board enables to further expand user memory for images and specific use. It can operate in portrait mode as well. The optional TCP/IP interface allows networking of iLCDs and rapid download of application data. Therefore it is also recommended for accelerated development of stand alone applications, which will be ultimately controlled by any other interface (USB, RS232, I2C or SPI). The brightness of the TFT display is 300cd/m2 and it is equipped with LED backlight.
  • Single 5V(optional 3.3V) power supply
  • USB port, RS232 port with 3.3V, I2C port and SPI port
  • 128MByte flash memory for user data
  • Controls up to 16 digital outputs/inputs
  • 4 analog inputs with 12bit resolution
  • Controls 2 relays or speaker/buzzer, PWM output
  • Controls a keyboard matrix with up to 128 keys
  • 8MByte RAM for screen save/restore
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • MicroSD card holder on board


Imaging, Video e Visione, Rilevamento & Strumentazione


DPP-CT1060A colour iLCD panel and universal evaluation board, FFC cable, USB cable, serial cable, Power supply plug in adaptor, CD.

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DPP-CT1060 iLCD panels can not be supplied via USB port, as it allows to draw a maximum of 500mA only which is exceeded by iLCD panels. Trying to draw more than 500mA from a USB port can damage PC.


Reversed power supply connections (Vcc and Gnd) made to the iLCD module or invalid power supply voltage greater than 5.5V (3.3/3.6V when using a 3/3.3V variant) will cause module damage.

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Demmel Products
Modulo ILCD
iLCD panel, adapter board, USB & serial cable, Power Supply, CD
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